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For incubation of slides or microplates we offer humidity chambers and associated retaining plates.

  • microBOX

    Incubation chamber for microplates and glass slides

    • Small enough to be used anywhere in the lab
    • Parallel processing of up to 2 micro plates or slideholders
    • Optimal use with Q.Instruments Slideholder for glass slides
    • Tolerates temperatures up to 90 °C
    • Alternatively solid BLUE colored case prevents light from interfering with incubation
  • Order number Product
    1302-0011 microBOX Clear
    (transparent cover)
    1302-0111 microBOX Blue
    (non transparent)
    1303-0009 Slideholder
    (for 1-4 glass slides)
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Many applications and immunoassays require the incubation microplates or glass slides in a moist environment, away from direct sunlight. The microBOX incubation chamber is designed to perform this function.

The microBOX will totally protect the glass slides or micro well plates, as they are watertight, crushproof and have an automatic pressure purge valve. The microBOX is equipped with speed lock and is available in two versions as clear case or solid blue colored case. The incubation chamber is robust, hard-wearing, and will hold up to 2 standard micro well plates or up to 2 Slideholders (each capable of holding up to four standard 75 x 25 mm slides).

A moist sponge or paper towels should placed in the bottom of the chamber to create a humid environment.

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Instructions for setting a specific air humidity in closed vessels

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