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Sample preparation in life science refers to the processes in which molecular material is extracted from a larger quantity and prepared for analysis. Sampling and sample preparation have a unique meaning and special importance when applied to the field of human diagnostics.

Each routine measurement begins with sample preparation, an essential process that underlies all subsequent work and imparts large relevance to what would otherwise be a meaningless exercise. Ensure confident results with perfect lab instruments!


For each lab bench QInstruments offers the perfect solution for mixing and temperature control. 
The BioShake lab instruments achieve the highest vibration-free mixing speeds and reaction rates worldwide.


For robot systems QInstruments offers extremely robust and smooth heater, cooler, orbital shaker, thermoshaker, cooling shaker, and centrifuge modules. Designed for automation, our black colored BioShake premium line defines the new standard.


Our useful tools facilitate the daily laboratory routines and secure your results.
Enjoy a convenient development and design according to your needs and specification.