BioShake D30 elm

For robot systems QInstruments offers extremely robust and smooth operating shaker, thermoshaker, heater and cooling units. Designed for automation, the black colored premium line defines the global standard for reliable mixing.

In 2018 we have taken the BioShake automation units to a whole new level with features that go further. Highly improved accuracy, internal algorithms and sensors enable smooth operating with long lifetime.

"For those who prefer technical perfection and functional design, BioShake microplate shakers are the perfect choice. High tech design, precision performance and outstanding value all characterize the BioShake laboratory units from QInstruments, made in Germany."
Olaf Simmat, CEO of QInstruments

Bring project ideas to life with our innovations

Spirit of innovation

QInstruments, the industry leader in mixing technology for Life Science spanning a wide spectrum of enterprise products. With missions of BioShake mixing technology sold worldwide more than 10 years. QInstruments has established its reputation over the years and continues to reinforce it with world class support and inventive ways to keep critical systems operating.

It is also the first company to invent a uniquely designed and smallest heater shaker equipped with a automatic microplate clamping mechanism. Coupled with an integrated electronic control and its proprietary mixing technology, has raised the standard in mixing processes.

What we do

QInstruments is a leading provider of products and services that advance sample preparation & biomedical research.


We develop perfect solutions for mixing and temperature control of molecular samples on robotic platforms such as the BioShake®.
We provide excellent application support, quick technical service and customized product demonstrations.

The GERMAN company was founded in 2003 by the engineers Olaf Simmat and Christian Stange.



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