BioShake iQ

High-end thermoshaker for microplates & tubes

Order nr. 1808-0506

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Aluminium3000 rpmRT - 99°CMicroplatesPCRDeep WellTubesVials

Key Benefits

Compact and stylish designed, the BioShake iQ high-end thermoshaker lets you perform all your standard mixing runs with a minimum of adjustments.
The BioShake iQ offers outstanding performance to handle a wide range of applications across biotechnology, pharmaceutical and academic research.

Small. Light. Efficient. Quiet.
  • For microplates, tubes and glass vials
  • Fast high-precision heating
  • Temperature range: ambient to 99°C
  • Precise mixing from 200 - 3,000 rpm
  • Wide range of thermo adapters
  • Stylish aluminium housing



Save time.

By combining the mixing operation with the incubation phase, reaction process times and operator workload are reduced and efficiency of many procedures is increased, resulting in a higher throughput.

The first-class finished aluminium housing gives the BioShake iQ its essential functionality. It provides a high amount of security, device stability and ensures a long service life.


By planar orbital motion

German designed and manufactured, BioShake iQ thermoshaker offer an ultra-efficient, 2-dimensional shaking axis so that samples mix completely in a fraction of the time of competing systems.

The mixing orbit of 2.0 mm is always constant. The orbital shaking is precisely controlled, in fact, that you need never spin down your plates after mixing. Even tubes, vials, high density plates, or low sample volumes, offer no obstacle for these precision tools.

Fully adjustable between 200 rpm and 3,000 rpm, well beyond the speeds of most other brands, guarantees fast, splatter-free, mixing for tubes, glass vials or across an entire 384-well microplate.


Using large-area heating source in combination with digital sensor electronic

The BioShake iQ heats from ambient up to 99°C in a short time, provides ease of use features, amazing comfort and maximum safety.

Within the BioShake iQ thinnest large-area heating elements and sensors are integrated. During the heat up time the special electronic control system guarantees the same temperature for all vessels with minimal deviations.
Temperatures are selectable from ambient temperature to 99°C in steps of 1.0°C. The nominal regulation accuracy is better than ±0.1°C with a uniformity of temperature distribution better than ±0.5°C at 45°C across the heating surface.

Exchangeable adapter plates and thermal blocks enable a perfect adaptation to microplates, tubes or glass vials.


Suitable for all microplates

In the corners eight spring clamps are inserted for easy fixation of microplates and deep well plates in SBS format 127.7 x 85.5 mm without an attached adapter. These spring clamps lock the microplate quickly and safely, even at the highest mixing frequencies.

For flexible and deformable PCR plates we recoomend using of the related PCR adapter.

Fast mixing processes with frequent plate changes can be performed in the routine as easy and safe.


Simple intuitive operation and programming

The BioShake iQ is operated from the front face of the enclosure which includes touch buttons and a display. 

Special buttons for start, stop and storage of time and mixing modes enable the instrument to run complex applications. This opens new points of view on the daily laboratory work and optimizes routine application enormously.

The short mix button allows short and fast mixing in between.

The two line LCD display guarantees simultaneous and safe reading of all programmed and measured parameters as time, mixing frequency and temperature.


For a wide range of applications

The BioShake iQ comes with a variety of standardized and specific adapter plates. The replacement of the adapters are very simple.

Perfect shaped adapters allow an optimal fit for standard tubes, lysis tubes, microplates, glass vials and other sample vessels. An excellent temperature uniformity and homogeneity is guaranteed for all samples.


First-class finished aluminium housing

Unique and efficient design combined with the most compact housing result in beautiful and well-defined laboratory equipment. Therefore, the first-class finished aluminium housing gives the BioShake iQ its essential functionality. It provides a high amount of security, device stability and ensures a long service life.

Safety of the user and ease of use are clearly a priority for us.


High-end instruments for daily routine

A perfectly harmonious blend of high-tech and handmade. "Made in Germany" has always been a recipe for success for QInstruments. 100% of QInstruments production takes place in Germany.

The focus is on human diligence and on being environmentally friendly. The company upholds its quality guarantee by means of consistent quality management. For more than 15 years these lab automation professionals from Jena have used only high-quality materials to ensure sustainable production, applied innovative thinking and undertaken research in a future-oriented way – all as a matter of course.

Recommended mixing speeds

The adjustment of the optimal mixing frequency in depending on filling volume per well should always be made in dependence on the size of the well and the filling volume. 

Only in this way optimum results can be achieved with in shortest process time with a high reproducibility.


Recommended mixing speeds

All values refer to diluted fluids and mixing orbit of 2.0 mm. Values for 1536 well plates refer to mixing orbit of 1.2 mm.


Filling volume in %96 well plates384 well plates384 well plates1536 well plates
  10 %
1800 - 2200 rpm2200 - 2600 rpm2800 - 3000 rpm4000 - 5000 rpm
  25 %
1600 - 2000 rpm2000 - 2400 rpm2400 - 3000 rpm3500 - 4500 rpm
  50 %
1400 - 1800 rpm1800 - 2200 rpm2200 - 2600 rpm2800 - 3500 rpm 
  75 %
1200 - 1600 rpm1600 - 2000 rpm2000 - 2400 rpm2500 - 3000 rpm



Recommended mixing speeds

All values refer to diluted fluids and mixing orbit of 2.0 mm. 


Filling volume in %0.2 ml tubes0.5 ml tubes1.5 ml tubes2.0 ml tubes
  10-50 %
1400 - 1800 rpm1200 - 1600 rpm1000 - 1300 rpm1000 - 1300 rpm
  50-75 %
1200 - 1500 rpm1100 - 1300 rpm1000 - 1200 rpm900 - 1200 rpm
  75-90 %
1000 - 1300 rpm1000 - 1200 rpm900 - 1100 rpm900 - 1100 rpm



Recommended mixing speeds

All values refer to diluted fluids and mixing orbit of 2.0 mm. 


Filling volume in %0.5 ml vials2.0 ml vials4.0 ml vials6.0 ml vials
  10-50 %
1400 - 1800 rpm1200 - 1600 rpm1000 - 1300 rpm1000 - 1300 rpm
  50-75 %
1200 - 1500 rpm1100 - 1300 rpm1000 - 1200 rpm900 - 1200 rpm
  75-90 %
1000 - 1300 rpm1000 - 1200 rpm900 - 1100 rpm900 - 1100 rpm


Adapter Plates

Microplates96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates, deep well plates, PCR plates
(e.g Eppendorf®Brandt®Nunc®Greiner Bio-One®)
Tubes0.2 / 0.5 / 1.5 / 2.0 ml standard microcentrifuge tubes
(e.g. Eppendorf®Standard tubesSafe-Lock microcentrifuge tubesPCR tubes)
Glass vials2.0 / 4.0 / 6.0 ml vials with cylindrical shape
(e.g. Zinsser-Analytic®)
otherson request


Temperature rangeambient to 99°C
Temperature setting0.5°C or 1°C increment (adjustable in the setup)
adjustable from 0°C to 99°C
Temperature accuracy± 0.1°C

Temperature uniformity

± 0.5°C at 45°C
± 0.7°C at 75°C
± 1.0°C at 95°C
Heat-up timeca. 7°C/min
(from ambient to 95°C in 10 min)


Mixing frequency200 to 3,000 rpm (microplates)
200 to 1,800 rpm (tubes, glass vials)
Mixing orbitconstant 2 mm diameter
Speed setting resolution50 rpm increments
Mixing regulation accuracy± 25 rpm
Short-Mix functionYes


Timer setting1 sec - 99 h
with automatic switch to stand-by
Timer setting resolution1 sec or 1 min (timer unit is adjustable)
ReadabilityMinutes, Seconds
Continuous workingYes
Audible AlarmYes


Programs stored2
Definable buttonsP1 and P2
Individual program capacity3 steps
Internal memoryYes


DisplayLCD-display with backlight (blue)
Target valuesTime, Mixing frequency, Temperature
Actual valuesTime, Mixing frequency, Temperature


ControllerMicro controller
Power switchYes
Operating Voltages

24 VDC input  .   Imax: 4.5 A  .  Peff: 85 Watt  .  Pmax: 108 Watt

External power supplyExternal power supply unit
(CE/UL/CSA approved, 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, IEC/EN60320-1 C14)


Housing MaterialAluminum anodized
Environment operating range+5°C to 45°C (80 % max. relative humidity)
Dimensions (W x D x H)142 mm x 170 mm x 80 mm 
(5.59 in x 6.69 in x 3.14 inches)
Weight 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs)

Here we present an overview of available standard adapters for BioShake iQ & BioShake XP



1808-1021 | Microplate . Flat bottom standard
1808-1022 | Microplate . Flat bottom High Base
1808-1024 | Microplate . Flat bottom Low Base
1808-1031 | Microplate . 96 well round type 1
1808-1032 | Microplate . 96 Well round type 2

PCR microplates

1808-1041 | PCR plate . 96 well 
1808-1051 | PCR plate . 384 well

Deep well & storage plates

1808-1121 | Deep well . Eppendorf® 96/1.0 ml
1808-1131 | Deep well . Eppendorf® 96/0.5 ml
1808-1141 | Deep well . BRAND® 96/1.1 ml
1808-1151 | Deep well . NUNC® 96/2.0 ml
1808-1161 | Deep Well . Axygen® 96/0.6 ml
1808-1162 | Deep Well . Axygen® 96/2.0 ml
1808-1171 | Storage Plate . Abgene® 96/2.2 ml
1808-1172 | Storage Plate . Abgene® 96/0.8 ml
1808-1181 | MegaBlock . Sarstedt® 96/2.2 ml
1808-1191 | Storage Plate . HJ-Bio® 96/1.2 ml
1808-1201 | Storage Plate . Corning® 96/320 µl
1808-1211 | Masterblock . Greiner® 96/1.0 ml

Tubes & Vials

Conical shape

1808-1060 | Tubes . 15x 5.0 ml
1808-1061 | Tubes . 24x 2.0 ml . 15x 0.5 ml
1808-1062 | Tubes . 24x 1.5 ml . 15x 0.5 ml
1808-1063 | Tubes . 40x 0.5 ml . 28x 0.2 ml
1808-1064 | Tubes . 96x 0.2 ml
1808-1093 | FALCON® tubes . 4x 50 ml
1808-1094 | FALCON® Tubes . 12x 15 ml

Cylindrical shape

1808-1067 | Lysis vials . 35x 0.5-2.0 ml
1808-1069 | Vials . 35x 2.0 ml Ø 10.8 mm
1808-1071 | Vials . 30x 2.0 ml Ø 12 mm
1808-1072 | Vials . 20x 4.0 ml Ø 15 mm
1808-1073 | Vials . 20x 4.0 ml Ø 17 mm
1808-1074 | Vials . 20x 6.0 ml Ø 19 mm



Nature’s Perfect Design