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Physics of mixing - Optimization of mixing processes in microplates

Optimization of mixing processes in microplates

A methodology and study of microplate mixing techniques including BioShake 5000 elm

Authored by: Andreas Vester, Falko Schulz, Olaf Simmat

Despite the great interrelation of a fast and complete mixing of assay components to the results, these procedures received only a very limited interest in laboratory routine. Due to the trend of ever increasing miniaturization in biotechnology the usual sample volumes decreases rapidly. As a consequence, a insufficient mixing has an unfavourable effect to the quality of the results in a manner never before seen.
For simultaneous processing of samples microplates are used as a laboratory standard tool. To achieve a highly effective mixing it is essential to supply enough energy for generating a macroscopic flow in the fluid. Several established methods for generating mixing effects in microplates are shown. A major disadvantage of all methods with contact to the sample is the serious risk of contamination and falsification of results.

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