Authored by: Alexander Schenk zu Schweinsberg

QInstruments supports Opentrons applications

Easy integration of BioShake, ColdPlate & HeatPlate modules into Opentrons systems

Opentrons is a new concept in lab automation. Labs in 40+ countries trust Opentrons to help automate their workflows. When working with Opentrons robots, reliable results are extremely important.

QInstruments supports the quick and easy integration of automation modules such as BioShake, ColdPlate, HeatPlate into Opentrons laboratory robots.

Let Opentrons & QInstruments work for you, while you plan your next test or experiment!

One example: The BioShake D30-T elm  simplify and improve your automated DNA/RNA extraction workflows. It offers best mixing and temperature behavior for the standard 96 MagBead RNA Kits, developed and verified in close collaboration with the world's best automation partners.  

Just let us know how we can help, and we will be delighted to advise you.