When working in virus researchdiagnostic, reliable results are extremely important.

Both devices, ColdPlate & BioShake Q1 simplify and improve your automated DNA/RNA extraction workflows – today and in the future. It offers best-in-class mixing and temperature performance for standard 96 MagBead RNA kits, developed and verified in close collaboration with the world's best automation partners.  

Let BioShake work for you while you plan your next test or experiment!


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We offer very robust & smooth orbital shakers, thermoshakers, heating & cooling units for automation.



For each lab bench QInstruments offers the perfect solution for temperature control & mixing.



The pioneering development of automated applications in diagnostic fields is unbelievably dynamic.


BioShake Q1

The premium sample preparation has started.

Scientific innovation for all laboratories

QINSTRUMENTS is the industry leader in mixing technology for Life Science by spanning a wide spectrum of enterprise products. Our customers include life-science research laboratories, university medical centres, and drug discovery laboratories in pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

QINSTRUMENTS has established its reputation over 20 years and continues reinforcing it with world-class support and inventive ways to keep critical systems operating. 



Enabling technology for cellular application.

BioShake 3000 elm

Orbital shaking is undoubtedly a simple and non-invasive way for mixing of assay components.


"The mixing technology that really works."

BioShake iQ

Compact and stylish designed, the BioShake iQ high-speed thermoshaker lets you perform all your standard runs with a minimum of adjustments.

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Intelligence & Speed

We are a life science company with pioneering spirit

QINSTRUMENTS improves human health and life sciences through the automation of sample preparation. The company designs and builds innovative solutions for mixing and temperature control of molecular samples on robotic platforms such as the BioShake®, as well as fast and easy-to-use accessories that accelerate and streamline research. QINSTRUMENTS offers highly flexible, modular solutions that allow its clients to upgrade and reconfigure their automation equipment as their assays or technologies change.

The strong intellectual portfolio consists of patents in the areas and methods for mixing, temperature control, centrifugation, and sample processing. QInstruments intends to develop its technology platforms further to maintain a technological edge and a strong proprietary position.

The GERMAN company was founded in 2003 by engineers Olaf Simmat and Christian Stange.

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SLAS Europe 2024

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SLAS Europe 2024 Conference and Exhibition | May 27-29, 2024

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BioShake Q1

| Products

BioShake Q1 from QINSTRUMENTS set the new standard in temperature control and mixing.

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Application note

| Applications

Mathematical model for orbital mixing illustrated at the 384-well microplate

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2 years warranty worldwide 

QINSTRUMENTS provides an extended warranty of 2 years for the BioShake models - as an expression of their superior quality in terms of functionality, performance, quality, durability, and safety. The warranty includes two years of bring-in service globally. 

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