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The information offered in this section is intended for lab professionals who want to improve their skills for sample processing. Major focus will be put on methods and processes for the particular compound and separation by mixing, centrifugation and temperature control. Learn how to improve the accuracy and precision, to strengthen internal quality assurance programs and how to get the most out of their laboratory equipment.

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Physics of mixing

A methodology and study of microplate mixing techniques including BioShake 5000 elm

A mathematical model for orbital mixing

Selection of appropriate operation parameters for orbital mixing using a mathematical model illustrated at the example of a 384-well microplate

Influence of of the surface tension while orbital mixing of small volumes

Determination of orbital mixing parameters for small volumes under particular consideration of the surface tension

Influence of orbital radius to centrifugal acceleration while mixing

Selection of appropriate orbital diameters and mixings speeds for mixing of microplates

SARS-CoV-2 research and diagnostic

When working in SARS-CoV-2-research and diagnostic, reliable results are extremely important. The BioShake D30-T elm simplify and improve your automated DNA/RNA extraction workflows.

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