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QInstruments improves human health and life science through sample preparation automation. The company designs and builds innovative solutions for mixing and temperature control of molecular samples on robotic platforms such as the BioShake® as well as fast and easy to use accessories that accelerate and streamline discovery. QInstruments offers highly flexible, modular solutions that provide its clients with the ability to upgrade and reconfigure their automation equipment as their assays or technology changes.

The strong intellectual portfolio consists of several own patents, in the areas and methods for mixing, temperature control, centrifugation, and sample processing. QInstruments intends to develop further its technologies platforms to maintain a technological edge and a strong proprietary position.

The GERMAN company was founded in 2003 by the engineers Olaf Simmat and Christian Stange.

QInstruments is a leading provider of products and services

that advance sample preparation for biomedical & life science research.

The company consists of an interdisciplinary team of engineers, software developers, biologists and many helping hands. All provided products are designed and manufactured in house. Furthermore, QInstruments also runs an endurance test lab to support our customers with service on the Approval and conformity side.

We envisage to serve multiple different markets through strategic alliances with partners who have well-established marketing and distribution capabilities. Besides this, QInstruments intends to develop further its technologies platforms to maintain a technological edge and a strong proprietary position.

Our customers include life-science research laboratories, university medical centers and drug discovery laboratories in pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

Bring project ideas to life with our innovations

Spirit of innovation

QInstruments, the industry leader in mixing technology for Life Science spanning a wide spectrum of enterprise products. With missions of BioShake mixing technology sold worldwide more than 10 years. QInstruments has established its reputation over the years and continues to reinforce it with world class support and inventive ways to keep critical systems operating.

It is also the first company to invent a uniquely designed and smallest heater shaker equipped with a automatic microplate clamping mechanism. Coupled with an integrated electronic control and its proprietary mixing technology, has raised the standard in mixing processes.

What we do

Spirit of technology

QInstruments combines Life Science applications with innovative products. Our products and systems are based on a broad range of proprietary technologies covered by an extended portfolio of international patents. The internal developments are the technological basis for our growing range of innovative products for lab automation and in the laboratory.

We have extensive and unique know-how

  • Thin and sensor-equipped heater elements for homogeneous temperature behaviour
  • Planar and vibration-free guidance systems for laboratory shaker
  • Vibration-free drive technologies
  • New drive technologies for combination of centrifuges and shaker
  • Clamping mechanisms for microplates
  • Miniaturization of conventional techniques

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QInstruments is owner of numerous patents worldwide. We respect the intellectual property rights of others. Please respect our intellectual property. Please notify us in writing, by email or mail to our designated agent, if you believe that a user has infringed our intellectual property rights.

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Sample handling device for and methods of handling a sample

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Laboratory apparatus comprising a fixing mechanism for fixing a slide

Laboratory apparatus comprising a mixing mechanism for mixing a medium of a slide

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Nature’s Perfect Design

The cheetah is the fastest animal on earth & as such symbolizes our way of working:

Quick actions and reactions, experience on the field, complete availability for our clientele, availability of documentation, tables, know-how & ample knowledge with the possibility of carrying out patents and standards!

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