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Fully adjustable between -10°C and 99°C, ColdPlate guarantees excellent temperature control for all microplates, tubes & vials.

Many lab experiments require fast heating and cooling steps in a very accurate manner in range of 0 up to 99°C. Precise temperature control is achieved for the ColdPlate by using optimally balanced cooling and heating elements. The novel peltier technology in combination with minimized electronics and reliable algorithms ensure a long useful life in each lab automation project.

ColdPlate is the ideal device to accurately set and maintain temperatures. The module is only slightly larger than a standard microplate. Fully adjustable between -10°C and 99°C and well beyond the cooling & heating accuracies of most other brands, ColdPlate guarantees excellent temperature control for microplates, tubes and vials.

All parts indside, only a PC is needed for controlling.

A wide varity of thermoblocks are available for the ColdPlate. These thermoblocks offer the highest flexibility for use of all common vessel and plate formats.

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